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The Citibank One-Time PIN (OTP)
The Citibank One-Time PIN is a unique single use PIN which can be generated through the Citibank Mobile App, or sent as an SMS to your mobile phone.
You'll need to enter this anytime you want to perform an online transaction or query through Citibank Online.
One-Time PIN provides a stronger, smarter method for authenticating your online transactions so you can have peace of mind when banking online.
One-Time PIN
One-Time PIN Mobile App SMS One-Time PIN Receiving an OTP Overseas Lost your phone?
The new Citibank One-Time PIN Mobile App feature, provides iPhone and Android users with an alternative to the SMS One-Time PIN option.
Lock your account to your smartphone
Once you register for One-Time PIN, it locks your device to your account so you'll never be asked to enter an OTP when banking through the mobile app.
Lock your account to your smartphone
Generate an offline One-Time PIN
Generate an offline One-Time PIN through the Citibank Mobile App without the need for an internet connection or network coverage. Perfect for when you're travelling.
Generate an offline One-Time PIN
Download the Citibank Mobile App today.
Benefits of One-Time PIN
How does OTP work?
Updating your mobile number
OTP Enhanced online security and protection.
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