My overseas home. My way.

My overseas home. My way.

Global access to local property.

Citibank brings the best of the world's banking to you, including home loans that enable you to access the best of the world's real estate. The Australian property market continues to strengthen and, as a global bank, Citibank can provide you with easy access to this strong local market, through our Overseas Borrower Loan.

With the Overseas Borrower Loan you can:

  • Have income recognised from a variety of local sources
  • Keep track of your loan 24/7 through our online banking service
  • Transfer funds free online anytime, anywhere
  • Enjoy access to your loan account in over 100 countries through our worldwide ATM network.

Non-Australian Citizens and Non-Permanent Residents

Citibank can help to make your overseas purchase a hassle-free process. But to do so, before you apply for one of our loans, you will first need to obtain permission to buy Australian property from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) - details can be found on the Australian Treasury website. It's a simple process that usually takes under three weeks.

Please note, as a Non-Australian Resident, you can only buy an investment property in your name - not in the name of your company.

To help make your application flow smoothly, please:

  • Provide the following (translated into English):
    • A copy of your Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) concession and evidence of your 25% deposit
    • An electronic pay slip from your employer or a letter from your employer on their letterhead confirming your income
    • A completed Declaration of Income form
    • Or, if you're self-employed, have your accountant complete an Account Declaration form confirming your income. In addition, you will need to provide business financials for at least two years
    • Bank statements for at least three consecutive months
  • Appoint an agent (not your home loan broker) to act on your behalf while overseas
  • Check with us that your country of residence is listed as an acceptable domicile
  • Pass a Citibank Australian Credit Bureau check.
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