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Dual Currency Account

Discover the hidden wonders of foreign currency investment
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The Citibank Dual-Currency Account is suitable for those interested in taking advantage of currency movements or requiring different currencies, with access to competitive interest rates, with potentially higher returns than conventional investments.
Suitable ifFeaturesBenefits
  • You have a view of certain exchange rate movements and would like to take advantage of it.
  • You are comfortable with accepting exchange rate risk including the loss of principal for the ability to possibly earn an enhanced return.
  • You are currently holding more than one currency and are looking for opportunities other than bank deposits.
  • You are holding a currency that is stable or depreciating against another currency.
  • You are prepared to hold another currency (as selected) at maturity.
  • You have no urgent need of the funds in a particular currency.
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Contact your Relationship Manager or Personal Banker to apply for your first Dual Currency Account investment. Please note, as set out in the PDS before making your first investment in a Dual Currency Account you need to complete the Account Opening Form attached to the PDS. Please note that section 10 of the Account Opening Form will from 30 June 2010 operate as amended on page 8 of the SPDS, and not as printed in the PDS.
Contact a Citibank Relationship Manager today
+ The performance of the Dual Currency Account is linked to the performance of the currency market. The return is dependent on the rate of interest as well as the applicable exchange rate.

* An investment in the Dual Currency Account is subject to the following risks:the risk that your return may be lower than if you traded directly in the currencies selected; the risk that your investment may be repaid at maturity in an alternative currency to your currency or deposit; the risk that your return may be lower than the applicable interest rate and the risk that you may experience a loss of principal if you convert the alternate currency back to the currency of deposit.

Terms and conditions apply and are contained in the Product Disclosure Statement dated 18 December 2006 and Supplemental Product Disclosure Statement dated 19 April 2010 available from a Citibank Branch and this website. Any advice provided is general advice only and does not take into account your personal circumstances. We recommend you seek advice on your personal circumstances from a professional adviser before acting on the information contained on this website. Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080 AFSL No. 238098. The Dual Currency Account is not available to US persons and may not be available in all jurisdictions.
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