A smooth move.

Powered by Citi.

A smooth move. Powered by Citi.

Switching to Citibank has never been easier.

You can swap all your regular payments and salary from your old bank to your new Citibank Plus everyday account in four simple steps.

Step 1: Open a Citibank Plus account (if you already have an account skip to step 2).

Apply for Australia's only completely fee free Citibank Plus everyday bank account online in minutes.


Step 2: Complete the Regular Payment and Salary Switching forms.

By providing this information, it gives Citibank permission to identify all your regular incoming and outgoing payments as well as transfer your salary into your new account.

Step 3: Return the forms to Citibank:

Scan and email the completed forms to switch@citi.com.au
Post the completed forms to the reply paid address:
Citibank, Reply Paid, Box 3483, Sydney NSW 2001.

Step 4: Close your old bank accounts.

Monitor your old bank accounts and once all your regular payments and salary have been switched to your new Citibank Plus everyday account, close your old accounts.

Helpful hints to switch your accounts to Citibank

  • The switching service only applies to your regular debit and credit payments. You will personally need to organise any periodical payments, BPAY payments, internet banking 'Pay anyone' payments, debit card arrangements and credit card arrangements from your old account to your new Citibank account.
  • The bank you are switching from will send us a copy of your regular payments list. We will provide this list to you for your records. Keep this list handy and use it to track which regular payments have been switched.
  • For a partial switch: when you receive your regular payment list please indicate which regular payments you would like us to request to switch on your behalf. You can do this by placing a tick next to the regular payment. Please return a copy of this list to us. Once we receive this list we will progress your switching request.
  • We will contact your regular payment providers on your behalf. These providers may contact you to confirm this request.
  • It takes approximately four weeks to switch all direct debits and credits. This may be longer if you have a large number of direct debits and credits set up.
  • Please retain adequate balance in your old bank account until all your regular payments are switched to your new Citibank account.
  • If a regular payment takes longer than four weeks to switch, we recommend contacting the payment provider directly to discuss the request.

Citibank listing service

  • If you approach your new financial institution to avail of their switching services, as part of our listing service, we will provide your list of direct debit arrangements, direct credit arrangements and periodical payments to your new financial institution at their request.
  • The listing service may not include one-off payments and some cancelled arrangements may appear on the lists.
  • Please note that you will need to obtain by yourself any BPAY and ‘Pay Anyone’ payments from Citibank Online and set up through your new financial institutions’ banking services. For queries or assistance, please contact us via Citibank online www.citibank.com.au/contactus.
  • Need help? Contact our Switching Team on 13 24 84