Decide on financing

Step 4: Decide on financing

There are many options you can choose from when deciding how you're going to pay for your next travel adventure. We've put some pros and cons together to help make the process a little easier.

No Interest
Debit card access
Will I have enough cash flow if something happens?
Citi Personal Loan Plus
Repayments are controlled with a fixed monthly amount
Includes a re-usable credit facility
Repayments must be made on time. Check how you can make automatic re-payments while you're away.
Credit Card
Easy and familiar
Up to 55 days interest free1
Higher interest rates for cash advances
Citi Ready Credit
A line of credit
Withdraw cash at the same interest rate as purchases
Promotional offers to reduce your interest rate2. Minimums apply. Subject to eligibility.
Promotional rates will revert to the standard Annual Percentage rate after promotional period.

Note: ATM fees, international transaction fees may be applicable to any of the above options. We encourage you to check your account terms and conditions to understand fees and charges.

If you are already a Citi Lending customer, view features and benefits that may help you with your trip.

If you need to apply for finance and you're interested in Citi Lending accounts, find out more.

Important information:

1. The maximum 55 days interest free period applies when you pay your balance off in full for two consecutive months. If you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month, the 55 days interest free period does not apply and you are charged interest once you make a purchase. Please check your card terms and conditions to understand further how your interest free period applies.

2. Promotional offers are subject to eligibility. As an existing Citi Ready Credit customer, sign into your account and visit My Offers to view personalised offers available to you.