Your Debit Mastercard

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Why do I need a Debit Mastercard for my loan?

Why do I need a Debit Mastercard for my loan?

Your Citi Personal Loan Plus account gives you the ability to reuse your available credit for purchases and cash withdrawals when you need to make the big and the small things in your life happen.

This means there is no need to re-apply for another loan, just use your debit card to access your available credit when you need to1.

Your Ready Credit Debit Mastercard

Your Ready Credit Debit Mastercard

Your Ready Credit account is a reusable line of credit which means you have the freedom to live to life when and how you want to, with access to ongoing funds, within your available credit.

Use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs, shop in store and online, at the Annual Percentage Rate1.

Instant discounts

Shop online with our partner merchants and receive instant discounts.

How to use your card

How to use your card

All Debit Mastercards are available to use for in store and online purchases as well as to withdraw cash from ATMs. The standard Annual Percentage Rate applies.

In store purchases

When shopping in store, you can use contactless to Tap and Go for purchases under $100. You don't need to enter your PIN. It's fast, convenient and safe. For purchases over $100 you
will need to use your PIN.

Online purchases

Ensure you check the website is safe before making any purchases.
At the check-out, simply use your Citi debit card details as you would when using your credit card.

ATM withdrawals

To access cash click the 'credit' button, enter your PIN and withdraw cash up to your available limit, at the standard Annual Percentage Rate'.

Choose your own PIN

Choose your own PIN

Choosing a PIN you'll remember is easy with Citi. Simply log into your account or use our Mobile App.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Turn your smartphone into a mobile wallet with your Citi Debit card and your Android device.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a simple and secure way to pay with your compatible Samsung device. Simply register your Citi Lending Debit Mastercard with Samsung Pay to make in-store purchases.

Click the below to learn more about eligible devices, set up details and to view some frequently asked questions.

Important information:

1. Reuse of available credit will be charged at your Annual Percentage Rate. Refer to your statement for your Annual Percentage Rate.