Calculate the impact of taking out a payment deferral on your
Credit Card, Personal Loan or Ready Credit account.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please visit our Financial Hardship page to learn about the personalised support that we may be able to provide you.

If you applied for the COVID-19 Payment Deferral program and would like to to know what your repayments may be after the program ends, please use the calculator below. If you need further assistance, please contact our Hardship Assistance team.

This calculator is for indicative purposes only, please refer to your first statement after your deferral period
ends, for your exact Minimum Payment Due.

Repayment Deferral Calculator

Retail balance Interest rate

Current outstanding balance


Planned monthly spend


Months of deferral

Do you have any Instalment Plans?

Estimated Minimum Payment Due now*


Estimated Minimum Payment Due after
3 months of Deferral*


Approximate additional interest you will be charged


During the deferral period you will not be required to pay any amounts (including any Fixed Payment Option instalments) for three consecutive statement periods and your account will not be treated as overdue. We will not report any missed payments to the credit bureau during the period of your payment deferral. No late fees or overlimit fees will be charged to your account. For Credit Card and Ready Credit customers, you will be able to continue spending on your card, provided you are up to date on your repayments at the point of applying for a deferral and whilst you have an available credit limit. Please note, you will continue to accrue interest on your outstanding balance during the deferral period. You can make repayments at any time without impacting the deferral program; making repayments will reduce your balance and the amount of interest payable. The approximate amount of additional interest you will be charged during the deferral period, if you do not make a repayment, is provided in the calculator above.


The purpose of this calculator is to provide an estimation of the changes to your repayments as a result of a payment deferral. It does not take into account your personal circumstances or any fees charged to your account during the deferral period.

The results from this calculator are indicative only and may differ, please refer to your first statement after your deferral period ends for your exact Minimum Payment Due.

The calculation assumes that your current outstanding balance and any planned monthly spend you have input in the calculator is comprised of retail purchases only. These amounts will be charged at the Standard Retail Purchase rate for Credit card account(s) and Standard Annual Percentage rate for Ready Credit and Citi Personal Loan account(s).

The approximate interest calculation is based on a 30 day month and assumes that your overall spend remains consistent and only made up of retail purchases. For example, if you have input a monthly spend of $300, we assume your balance will increase daily by $10.

The figure above also assumes that your account is up to date and not overdue when you enter the deferral program and does not take into consideration any cash balance you might have, which would attract a higher interest rate. If you have a cash balance, then the Minimum Payment Due on your first statement after the deferral period will be higher than the estimated Minimum Payment Due provided in the calculator.