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Why do I need a Visa Debit card for my loan?

Why do I need a Visa Debit card for my loan?

With your Citibank Visa Debit card you can redraw on your available credit, at the standard variable rate, to withdraw cash from ATMs, shop in store and online, without the need to re-apply for another loan1.

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How to use your card

How to use your card

If you have multiple accounts linked to your Citibank Visa Debit card for example your Ready Credit account and Citibank Plus account. The below information advises which buttons you should press, when using your card.

Your 'primary' account is the account you open first.

Your 'primary' account is linked to the 'Credit' button and payWave function. If your lending account is your 'primary' account, when you're shopping in store or withdrawing cash, select the 'Credit' button.

If your Lending account is not your 'primary' account and you want to use your available credit, select the
'cheque' (CHQ) button.

N.B. The payWave function is linked to your 'primary' account. If you're unsure about the set up of your accounts or would like to change your 'primary' account,
you can do so by calling us on 13 24 8413 24 84.

Choose your own PIN

Choose your own PIN

To access your available credit using your debit card in store, where purchases are over $100, you need to have a PIN you can remember. Click here to view demo on how to select your PIN.

Buy. Convert. Save.

After shopping in store or online with your lending account, you can convert your transactions into an instalment loan, at a discounted interest rate, easily online2.


Important information:

1. Refer to your statement for your standard variable rate.

2. Subject to eligibility. Choose any purchase or multiple purchases, each must be over $1,000. To see if you're eligible simply check My Offers at any time.