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If you've forgotten your User ID, you can easily retrieve this from Citibank Online. You will need to have your card number and ATM/Internet PIN ready, so we can identify you. Click here to retrieve your User ID now.
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What is my card number?
What if I don't have a card number?
How do I get my ATM/Internet PIN?
Why do I need my ATM PIN for Citibank Online?
What is the difference between my ATM PIN and Internet PIN?
What is my account number?
What if I don't have an account number?
What is my IAN?
What is my User ID?
Why do I need to create a User ID?
What is my password?
Why do I need to create a password?
What are the security questions used for?
What if I am having a problem?
Why do you have a pop up keypad?