Request a Linked Diners Club Card1

To pair to your existing, eligble Citi Credit Card.


Start spending

Every retail purchase made with the Linked Diners Club Card is an entry into the draw for that month.

21 winners each month for 5 months

1 x 1 million Citi reward Points winner
20 x 200,000 Citi reward Points winners
= Total of 5 million Points
To find out more information about your Linked Diners Club Card, view the Frequently Asked Questions here.
Shop, Spend and Earn

Shop, Spend and Earn

Earn reward Points faster with a Linked Diners Club Card1

Enjoy an uncapped earn rate of 2 Points per $1 spent on all Eligible Transactions
(or 1 Point per $1 spent if you are enrolled in Citi Qantas Rewards).2

No International Transaction Fees when spending overseas.3

One Rewards Balance, one PIN, one monthly payment and online banking access.

Request now

Sign on to Citibank Online at

Go to: Credit Card Services > Request for a Linked Diners Club Card

If you are a new user first register your Citi Credit Card at


Contact us (Citi Platinum Rewards Credit Card customers) or 1300 032 087 (Citi Prestige/Signature Credit Card customers) and follow the prompts.

Diners is accepted at major retailers across Australia and Internationally

Merchant Finder

Merchant Finder

Find out where Diners Club Cards are accepted using the Merchant Finder

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Important Information


In case of an emergency, simply call us on 13 24 84 as soon as you can and we will arrange for an emergency card replacement in 24-48 hours.


Please note that it is a temporary card valid for three months and can be used to make manual/swipe transactions; however it can't be used to make cash advance from an ATM.


Your PIN will be the same as your Citi card. You can change your PIN via the Citi Mobile App or on Any change to the PIN will synchronise to both cards.


For a quick interactive tutorial on how to create a PIN visit

Manage Your Account

Frequently asked questions

What Citi Credit cards can have a Linked Diners Club Card?

The Linked Diners Club Card is available on Citi Platinum, including existing customers enrolled in Citi Qantas Rewards, Citi Signature, Citi Signature Qantas, Citi Prestige and Citi Prestige Qantas Cards.

What is/will be the credit limit for my Linked Diners Cub Card?

Your Linked Diners Club Card does not have a separate credit limit. Your credit limit applies to both your Citi Credit Card and Linked Diners Club Card.

I don’t have one of the eligible Citi Credit Card products to take up a Linked Diners Club Card what can I do?

If you do not have a Citi Platinum, Citi Signature, Citi Signature Qantas, Citi Prestige or Citi Prestige Qantas Card, you can contact us on 13 24 84 to see if you are eligible to change to one of these products in order to request a Linked Diners Club Card.

Does the Linked Diners Club Card earn Qantas Points and are the points transferred across to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program?

Yes, if you currently hold a Citi Platinum Card enrolled in Citi Qantas Rewards, Citi Signature Qantas, or Citi Prestige Qantas Card you will earn Qantas Points on your Linked Diners Club Card. There is no change to the way your Points are transferred to your Qantas Frequent Flyer today.

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