What should I do before I travel overseas?

What should I do before I travel overseas?

Here are the top 5 things to do before going overseas:

1. Contact us to let us know where and when you are travelling overseas, so that we will be able to reach you in the event of any irregular transactions being detected.

There are inherent risks to using your card overseas such as card theft and skimming, to protect your account security, we will temporarily suspend your account if you are not contactable and your account will remain blocked until we have contacted you. To minimise any inconvenience, it is important that you ensure we have your correct mobile number that you will be using whilst overseas. You can update your mobile number by logging onto Citibank Online. Click on Services > My Profile > Personal Information > View / Update details.

2. Download the Citi Mobile app which allows you to generate an offline One-Time PIN for use when banking on Citibank Online, anywhere in the world. This feature is free to use internationally as no network coverage or internet connection is required to generate an offline One-Time PIN. Learn more at citibank.com.au/otp

3. Check your card expiry date - If your card is due to expire and you haven not received your new card contact us on citibank.com.au/contactus and our Customer Service Officers can assist.

4. Know your PIN - Just like in Australia many overseas countries will require a PIN when using your card to make purchases. Click here to view a quick demo on how to change your PIN to one you will remember.

5. Set up Easi-Pay which will ensure your minimum repayments are made by the due date each month. You can keep this service when you come back too. Click here to set up Easi-Pay today.

6. Check out smartraveller.gov.au - This Government website has handy travel tips, advice and all the latest travel advisory warnings.

Click here to find out how keep your card safe when travelling.