3 Steps to finding the best loan.

3 Steps to finding the best loan.

3 Steps to finding the best Loan

Tell us your needs

Tick all the features that interest you, and we'll show you the best loans we have for you. Click on the help button for an explanation of how a feature may be useful for you when choosing a home loan:

Home loan packages combine different products such as a mortgage and a credit card. Packaging your home loan offers a range of benefits including discounted interest rates and savings on various fees.

A type of loan that requires repayments on the interest only and, as such, leaves the loan principal untouched.

An interest rate that will vary in line with changes to official interest rates.

An interest rate that allows you to lock in to a specified rate of interest, with fixed monthly repayments, for a given period of time.

Allows you to use extra cash to reduce the outstanding principal and interest on your home loan. This is a great way to pay off your loan faster.

This popular loan feature lets you withdraw any additional repayments you have made on your mortgage. It is a useful way to reduce your interest while providing access to your funds. Citibank offers free, unlimited redraws on virtually all of our home loans with the exception of fixed rate loans.

To help you get into your new home sooner, many lenders approve loans of up to 95% of the property's value.1

Your home equity is the difference between what your property is worth and what you owe. Because your mortgage offers a lower interest rate than other loans, equity can be used as an easy-access low-cost source of funds.

An offset account is essentially a savings account that is linked to a home loan account. It can be a great way to save on interest costs because interest charged on the home loan is calculated on the difference between the balance of your loan amount owing and the balance in your savings account.


* By selecting both Fixed and Variable interest options, you are selecting the Split Loan option that combines a fixed and variable rate portion.

1 Rates quoted are subject to having Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Lenders Mortgage insurance is insurance that protects the financer in the event of default on home loan payments. It is available up to LVR 90% (inclusive of Lenders Mortgage Insurance premium). Conditions apply.

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You selected your needs as:

  • Package
  • Variable
  • Interest only
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Fixed
  • Extra repayments
  • Redraw
  • Low Deposit
  • Access to equity
  • Offset
  • Generous transacting

Step 2. Best loans for your needs

So here are the best loans we have for you. You can cross-compare two or more loans by ticking the boxes and clicking 'Compare best loans'. Or you can move straight to Step 3 by ticking all or any of the loans that interest you and clicking 'Next'.

With a low variable rate and the opportunity to make additional repayments at no additional cost to you, this option could be a smart way to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Because there's no 'interest rate crystal ball', our Standard Mortgage offers you the choice of a fixed rate, a variable rate or a combination of the two. You can fix any portion of your loan, at any time for up to 5 years. And at the end of this time, you can opt to negotiate another fixed rate, or automatically revert to the standard variable rate, at no extra cost.

Make an appointment

Congratulations on taking the first step towards building your future wealth with Citibank. Based on your selections, the most appropriate loan(s) we have for you are:

You're now in an excellent position to discuss a more personalised solution by talking with one of our mortgage specialists - as well as the opportunity to negotiate the best rates and terms! Simply click below to arrange for an instant pre-approval or alternatively you can complete our contact us form to arrange for a mortgage specialist to contact you at a convenient time.

It takes less than five minutes to start applying

What happens next?

Once you have completed the pre-approval and submitted your contact details through the short form provided one of our mortgage specialists will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your loan options, along with ways to structure your loan to save money. Then, if you like, they'll send you a more detailed loan brochure together with an application form - or they can complete this for you over the phone. And relax; this entire process - including your application - carries no obligation until you agree you'd like to proceed with one of our loans.

Please note, this is general advice only. For a detailed review of your needs, contact us on 1300 361 922 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm AEST). The information shown in this loan selector is indicative and acts as a guide only. It does not constitute a quote nor an approval for the loan.

All loans and securities subject to Citibank's credit criteria. Establishment and, where applicable, legal fees apply. Terms and conditions available on request. Fees and charges apply.

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