Enjoy additional security features for Citibank Online.

Enjoy additional security features for Citibank Online.

Online Authorisation Code

The OAC is a security feature of Citibank Online that provides added protection when undertaking online third party funds transfers.

You may have a number of questions. This guide is to answer those questions for you.

The OAC is a security feature which ensures that, should someone gain unauthorised access to your account, they will not be able to set up a payee and transfer any money out of the account. The OAC provides enhanced security to protect you from online fraud.

Before you transfer funds to any new payee, you will need to add the payee to your list, obtain the OAC and then activate the payee. This only needs to be done once for each new payee. The OAC obtained for each payee added, will be different every time.

You need to use the OAC to activate the payee, if you wish to transfer funds for the first time to any of the payees below:

  • Another Citibank customer
  • An account at another bank
  • A Citibank account overseas.

Once you have added a new payee, you will need to activate this payee by following any of the processes outlined below:

SMS CitiPhone
You will receive an SMS from Citibank containing the OAC. You can contact CitiPhone at
13 24 84.
Use the OAC sent within the SMS to activate the new payee on Citibank Online. A Customer Service Officer will activate your new payee.

When you receive your OAC through SMS , you will need to activate the payee before you can transfer any funds.

  • To activate the payee, select the "Activate Payee" link located within Transfer Funds at Citibank Online.
  • Enter the OAC supplied, for the payee you wish to activate.
  • You may now begin to transfer funds to the activated payee.

In summary, the process for setting up a new payee for Citibank and other fund transfers will be as follows:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Set up the payee within the 'Funds Transfer' section of Citibank Online. The Online Authorisation Code will now be sent to you via SMS. Activate the payee using the Online Authorisation Code at Citibank Online or contact CitiPhone. The payee is activated, you can now begin to transfer funds.

No. You will not have to activate Bill Payees with OAC.

No. New payees need to be activated with OAC once only. Once activated, you can make transfers to that payee as you require.

The OAC expires in 15 days and the payee is deleted. So once set up, the payee should be activated promptly.

If you lose the OAC, you will need to delete the payee or call CitiPhone.

The OAC will be delivered immediately to your phone so that you can activate your payee and transfer funds straight away. If you do not receive the OAC by SMS contact CitiPhone to have your payee activated without delay. CitiPhone will activate your payee and will confirm your current mobile number for future reference.

If you have changed your mobile number with Citibank recently, you may not have received the OAC through your phone . You will need to contact CitiPhone on 13 24 84, to activate your new payee.

You can also update your current email and mailing address at Sign on to Citibank Online, select Change My Contact Details and enter your new details.

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