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Citibank Online - Getting Started
What do I need to sign on to Citibank Online for the first time?
All you need is:
An active Citibank account
Your 16-digit Citicard or Citibank Credit Card number
Your four-digit ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number)
Your account number
How do I sign on?
You need to set up your User ID, Password and Security Questions.Check out our
online demo that will take you through the simple steps to register
Step 1 of 2
  1. Click the sign on option on the left hand side of this screen
  2. Select the 'First time here?' button.
  3. Enter your 16-digit Citicard or Citibank Credit Card number
  4. Use your mouse to select your four-digit ATM PIN from our onscreen keypad
  5. Enter your account number and press continue (Note: For credit card accounts this is the same as your credit card number)
Step 2 of 2
  1. Please create a User ID
  2. Create a password
  3. Re-enter your password
  4. Then select your Security questions and complete your answers
  5. Re-enter your answers
  6. You are now finished and can link straight through to carry out your internet banking transactions.
How do I sign on every time after this set up?
All you need is your unique User ID, Password and the answer to one Security Question
Check out our online demo that will take you through the simple steps to register.
Click the sign on option on the left hand side of this screen
Enter your User ID and Password
Answer your randomly selected Security Question
You will be directed to 'My Home' and you can carry out your transactions.
Need a PIN?
To create a User ID & Password to access Citibank Online and ATM PIN is required. This was sent when you opened your account.
If you have forgotten or misplaced your PIN, contact CitiPhone on 13 24 84
(+61 2 8225 0615 if calling from overseas) available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to request a new ATM PIN.
Recommended software and browser requirements
We recommend you use a PC and Internet connection with the following minimum requirements to ensure a secure Internet Banking session.
Ensure you are using up-to-date operating system and browser software. Visit the Australian Securities & Investment Commission Windows Update site to update a PC running on Windows
Install up-to-date anti-virus software, ad/spyware scanner and a firewall on your computer. For more advice please visit our online security tips page
Browser requirements are listed below. Please note that some Macintosh users may experience difficulties using our website
Recommended browser and operating systems
Recommended Requirements
Aside from commonly used browser plug-ins such as Adobe Reader there is no special software required to use Citibank Online. We have tested a number of operating system and browser combinations and the following combinations are recommended:
Operating System   WIN XP   MAC OS X
Internet Explorer   Version 6.0   NA
Safari   NA   Version 1.2
Our tests have shown that Citibank Online will also work with the following:
Operating System   WIN XP   WIN 2K   WIN ME   MAC OS X
Internet Explorer   Version 6.0   Version 5.5
Version 6.0
  Version 5.5   NA
Safari   Version 1.2   NA   NA   Version 1.2
Firefox Morzilla   Version 1.0.5   Version 1.0.5   NA   Version 1.0.5
Testing of Operating System and Browser combinations is carried out on a best endeavours basis. Citibank cannot guarantee that the abovementioned combinations will work in every situation as there are many variables such as browser plug-ins/overlays, anti-virus software, security and other patches to operating systems/browsers which cannot be tested in every single combination.
Citibank Online
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