I'm in control.

Citibank Payment Options Package.

I'm in control. Citibank Payment Options Package.

Stay in control of your cash flow with a combo created to support your lifestyle.

A versatile combo that lets you call the shots, the Citibank Payment Options Package offers you a truly flexible way to keep on top of your cash flow by utilising your savings or credit, depending on what suits you best.

The Citibank Payment Options Package:


To ease the pressure of managing your expenses, we've created the perfect budgeting tool: the Citibank Payment Options Package. Combining a flexible line of credit that you can tap into any time, a $0 credit card annual fee^ for your everyday spend and a fee free transaction account, this package lets you decide how to use your savings or credit month by month.

Citibank Ready Credit:

  • An introductory rate of 2.9% p.a. for 15 months1.
  • Up to $30,000 credit limit for any purpose.
  • A flexible redraw facility allows you to withdraw again and again without re-applying and No fixed term.

Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Platinum:

  • $0 credit card annual fee every year when you spend $16,000 on your credit card, you'll save $199.
  • 1.25 points per $1 spent on purchases in Australia and 3 points per $1 spent on international purchases, up to 250,000 points every year with Citibank's Rewards Program.
  • A range of complimentary insurances including International Travel Insurance, Transit Accident Insurance, Extended Warranty, Purchase Cover and Guaranteed Pricing Scheme2.

Citibank Plus:

  • Free access at over 3,000 Citibank, Westpac, St George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA ATMs Australia-wide.
  • Free international money transfers from Australia to any account, anywhere in the world.
  • Free Visa Debit card, so you can shop online, in-store or overseas using your own money.

Enjoy the Citibank Dining Program:

  • You'll receive a free bottle of award winning wine every time dine and pay with your Citibank card at Citibank Dining Program partner restaurants.

Your package deal:


Credit card annual fee every year when you spend $16,000 on your credit card.


Establishment fee on your Citibank Ready Credit.


For 15 months1 on balances you transfer on your Citibank Ready Credit.


Learn more about:

Balance Transfer Rate 2.9% p.a. for 15 months1. Standard interest rate after 15 months.
Variable Standard Interest Rate 18.99% p.a.
Variable Cash Advance Rate 18.99% p.a.
Interest calculated Daily
Loan amounts $5,000 - $30,000
Loan term Revolving
Security Unsecured
Insurance Card Protect
Minimum income $60,000
Minimum Age 18
Additional Cardholders Up to 1
Additional Cardholder Minimum Age 16
Repayment frequency Monthly
Ability to make additional repayments Yes, at no charge
Minimum repayments balances The greater of $30; or the sum of the interest charges for the Statement Period, plus 1% of your Closing Balance, plus any billed late payment fees as at the end of the Statement Period.
Repayment methods
  • Direct Debit (Citibank Easi-Pay)
  • BPAY
  • Mail
  • Australia Post
Lump sum repayments Yes
Increase regular repayments Yes
Access funds
  • Cheque book
  • Visa Debit
  • Worldwide accepted
Variable Retail Purchase Rate

The rate that a bank or credit provider charges for the money it lends to you.

20.99% p.a.
Variable Cash Advance Rate 21.74% p.a.
Interest Free Period
Some credit cards give the cardholder the option to make transactions on their account without being charged any interest. If your card has an 'interest free day' clause (check your pre contractual statement or your conditions of use) then you will qualify for interest free use so long as you pay the entire closing balance of each monthly statement before the due date shown on the statement. If you pay less than the full closing balance as shown on the statement you will incur interest charges in accord with the conditions of use. If you short pay one time, you usually need to pay the full balance for two consecutive months before your account will be interest free again.

If you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month, you do not have an interest-free period even if your conditions of use say your account has interest free days options. You are charged interest immediately when you make a purchase.

For example, if you have a balance of $500 and make a payment of $50 on June 1st, and buy an item for $50 on June 2nd, you will immediately be charged interest on that $50 purchase. This is because you have an outstanding balance of approximately $450 between June 2nd and your next statement.

Importantly, if your credit card is not an interest free day type account, even if you pay the statement balance in full each month, you will still be charged interest.
Up to 55 days interest free when you pay your balance in full for 2 consecutive months.
Maximum Credit Limit

The maximum balance you can carry on your credit card or line of credit account.

Annual Fee

The annual fee is the yearly cost you pay for having the card. Citibank will charge your annual primary cardholder fee to your account on first use of your account, including when you activate your card, and then on each anniversary of the date Citibank approved your account.

$0 credit card annual fee every year when you spend $16,000 on your credit card
Supplementary Fee $0 when primary cardholder spends $16,000 on their credit card
Card Type Visa
Minimum Income Requirement $75,000
Minimum Age 18
Additional Cardholders Up to 4
Additional Cardholder Minimum Age 16
  • Citibank Online
  • Mobile Banking
  • Citiphone banking
  • ATM

    With your Citibank credit card and your ATM PIN, you can withdraw cash up to $1,000 per day. Multiple withdrawals may be required to access up to $1,000. Standard cash advance fees and charges may apply.

  • Over the counter

    You can make withdrawals at any bank in the world that displays the VISA or MasterCard logo (photo identification required). Your Citibank Credit Card and ATM PIN will be required. Fees and charges may apply.

  • Visa payWave

    Visa payWave is the latest in secure, contactless technology. For transactions under $100, just wave your Visa payWave-enabled card in front of a Visa payWave reader and go - there's no need for a signature or pin.

  • Worldwide acceptance at over 22 million locations.
Online budgeting tool Track your expenses and control your finances with our online budgeting tool
Citi Alerts Track your account activity with free SMS and email alerts
Payment Methods
  • Citibank Online
    • Automatic Direct Debit(Easi-Pay)
    • Funds transfer
    • BPAY®
  • CitiPhone Banking
  • Australia Post
Statement Frequency Monthly
Statement Delivery Online e-Statements or by mail
Unlimited free transactions
Minimum opening balance $0
Monthly eStatement
Visa Debit Card
Citibank Online
Bank@Post - Australia Post
How to Apply

Apply now

Apply now for the Citibank Payment Options Package to take control of your cash flow.

What you will need and eligibility criteria:

You will need the following to apply for a Citibank Payment Options Package:

Proof of age: You must be over 18 years of age or older.
Resident requirement You must be a resident of Australia.
Identification: You must be able to be identified in Australia at or before account opening. For Citibank Plus you will need to provide at least two of the following forms of identification - Australian drivers licence, Medicare card or Passport, so we can verify your identity electronically. For your Credit Card or Ready Credit you will also need to verify your income details. You'll need to supply documents to help us do this, a list below outlines what is required depending on your employment type.
Personal details: Residential address, contact details (for all account holders if applying for a joint account) and your current e-mail address. We will confirm your application and send your electronic notices to this e-mail address.
Residential details: Current residential status (and previous residential details if you have been at your current address for less than three years). If renting or boarding, your landlord or real estate agent's details. Contact details of a relative or friend not living with you.
Tax File Number (TFN): Or valid exemption - you do not have to provide your TFN, but without it we will be required to deduct tax at the top marginal rate.
Credit rating: You must have a good credit rating
Taxable income: You must earn taxable income of $75,000 per year or more
Financial position:
  • Your employer's address and switch telephone number (as listed in the White Pages)
  • Annual and monthly income (before and after tax)
  • Contact details for your accountant if self-employed
  • The value of your home and car, if applicable, and any other assets
  • Types and amounts of other income (e.g. rental income)
  • Details of your main expenses, including the current balances owing on your Credit Cards, loans and investment mortgages.

To verify your identify and income details for your Credit Card or Ready Credit, you'll need to supply documents to help us do this, a list below outlines what is required depending on your employment type.

Please authorise with your employer and/or your accountant that Citibank may contact them to confirm your income and employment details.

All applicants

(please supply all of the following)

  • Driver Licence (back side of the driver's license to include change of address) or proof of address (eg. most recent electricity or utility bill)
  • Medicare Card or Passport to confirm residency
  • Most recent mobile phone bill which reflects your name, address and mobile number.

(please supply any one of the following options):

  • Two payslips less than 60 days old (preferred), or
  • Letter of employment (should indicate annual income and employment status), or
  • Three months of applicant's bank statements showing the regular income, or
  • Most recent Individual Tax Return, or
  • Most recent PAYG payment summary, or
  • Most recent Individual Tax Assessment Notice.

(please supply any one of the following options):

  • Two most recent Tax Assessment Notices, or
  • Two most recent Income Tax Returns, or
  • Two most recent Business/Company Tax Returns, or
  • Two most recent Business/Company Profit & Loss Statements

(please supply any one of the following options):

  • Two most recent Tax Assessment Notices & two most recent pay slips, or
  • Two most recent PAYG payment summaries & two most recent pay slips.

(please supply any one of the following options):

  • Annual superannuation statement which includes an indexed pension amount, or
  • Most recent Pension statement, or
  • Three months of personal bank statements showing regular credit or cash deposits, or
  • Most recent Self-managed Superannuation Tax Return less than 15 months old.

Please send documents, together with your full name and DOB to:

Fax: 1300 301 304
Post: Citibank Credit Cards, GPO Box 1625, Sydney NSW 2001

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About the Offer

Spend includes retail purchases and it excludes refunds, balance transfers and cash advances.

No, the package offers are based on taking a Citibank Rewards Credit Card – Platinum and Ready Credit.

Unfortunately, yes you will be required to pay the annual fee on the Citibank Rewards Credit Card - Platinum and the establishment fee on your Ready Credit, however you can retain the 2.9% for 15 months BT on your Ready Credit.

No, to be eligible for the package offer, you are required to take up the balance transfer offered as part of this package.

You can request the credit limit you require, or we will assign the credit limit that is available to you according to our assessment. We will allocate the sum of your two credit limits evenly between your two products, subject to your requests above the minimum credit limit available on each product. You may request those limits to be reallocated in different proportions when you activate your accounts.

Your Citibank Plus account will continue to be processed, however you will no longer be eligible for the Citibank Payment Options Package offer.

At the end of the balance transfer period, the interest rate on any outstanding transferred balance will revert to the Citibank Ready Credit variable standard Annual Percentage Rate, currently 18.99% p.a. This offer ends 31 December 2013.

If you don't have a balance to transfer, but would still like this offer, simply request a cheque to be sent to you (Cheque to Self) at a nominated amount once your account is approved, and use the funds to pay for whatever you like.

Important information:

Terms & Conditions apply and are available on request.

  1. Your total balance transfers may not exceed 80% of your credit limit. The 2.9% p.a. interest rate applies to balances transferred with this offer at point of application, for a period of 15 months. Transferred balances are repaid before cash advances and purchases. At the end of the balance transfer period, the interest rate on any outstanding transferred balance will revert to the standard variable Annual Percentage Rate, currently 18.99% p.a.
  2. Complimentary insurance is provided automatically to cardholders under a master agreement between Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL No.232507 and Citibank, and are subject to Terms and Conditions and exclusions available at An excess applies to Purchase Cover Insurance.

^ Spend criteria applies

Fees, charges and credit criteria apply. The product, rewards program and Dining Program terms and conditions that apply are available upon request. Citibank Plus is issued by Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080, AFSL No. 238098 ('Citibank'). Any advice is general advice only. It was prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs. Before acting on this advice you should consider if it's appropriate for your particular circumstances. Total balances held by a depositor with Citibank, up to an amount of AUD$250,000, automatically access the Financial Claims Scheme. For more information go to or call 1300 55 88 49. Further information and our dispute resolution process is available at or by phone on 1300 137 931.

New customers only. Offer ends 6th January 2015. If you do not qualify for one or more of the products, we will still proceed with your application for the remaining products, but you will not qualify for the package. We'll give you six months' notice if we vary your package benefits.

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