Understanding structured products

Structured products offer investors a non-traditional investment opportunity, providing a defined return profile and potential for positive returns in rising, flat and even falling markets.

What is a structured product?

A structured product is an investment vehicle that allows an investor to purchase a single instrument, gaining exposure to a range of underlying assets.

The result is a customised investment that is designed to either reduce exposure to falls, while retaining potential for returns, or to maximise the benefit from a flat or rising market.

How do structured products work?

When you buy a structured product, you are buying an investment vehicle whose underlying assets can be customised to suit the desired return profile and can provide either income, capital growth or a combination of both.

By virtue of this customisation, each structured product will have unique underlying assets. However, the majority will combine multiple underlying investments, most often:

This combination of bonds and derivatives can be structured to provide either a fixed or variable return for the investor, which may be received as cash, or transferred as instruments (such as shares) to the structured note holder at maturity.

Important information:

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Structured products are complex products. You should refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for a full list of risks before making an investment decision.

Investment product. Not a deposit. No bank guarantee. No government guarantee. May lose value.