Welcome to the Existing Customer Resource Centre.

Welcome to the Existing Customer Resource Centre.

We're here to assist you in finding the information you need about Citi Credit Cards. You can choose one of the options below, or click here for general Tips and Advice about managing Credit Cards. For general enquiries you can email us, or call us anytime on 13 24 84.

Getting Started

Just received your new Citi Credit Card? Here's how to get started.

Once you receive your new Citi Credit Card, you'll need to sign the back of your new card with a ballpoint pen, then

  • Log into Citibank Online at citibank.com.au, for first time users; register at citibank.com.au/register
    Go to: Services > My Profile > Card Activation.
  •         OR

  • Call CitiPhone on 1300 765 824 to use self service telephone banking. Follow the prompts via option 1 and enter in your card number and date of birth to activate your credit card.

Citibank Online is a simple and secure way to track your balances and transactions, pay your bills or redeem your points. Register for Online Banking here.

Go paperless and register to receive your monthly statement electronically, with an email notification. Find out more about e-Statements here.

To be updated with exciting new offers and benefits by email and SMS, simply update your preferences under 'Consent to Contact' (Services > My Profile > Consent to Contact) Sign on to Citibank Online here.

In an emergency, please us on 13 CITI (13 24 84). If you are overseas, call CitiPhone free of charge on
+61 2 8225 0615. Please ask the operator to Reverse Charge the call. Learn more about contacting us here.

Credit can be very useful: letting us buy the things we want in life sooner, helping us to manage our cash flow, and it can be especially useful in emergencies. However, credit is also a big responsibility; it should be used wisely. Using credit to spend beyond your means can lead to unmanageable debt and serious financial trouble. The more you know about credit-how it works and how to use it effectively-the easier it is to use this powerful tool wisely. Learn more about Using Credit Wisely here.

By combining local expertise with the strength of Citi's worldwide consumer banking network, Citi also offers a leading range of financial services products, including transaction and savings accounts, foreign currency deposits, investments, mortgages and insurance. Learn more about the products and services Citi offers here.

Visa payWave is the latest in secure, contactless technology. For transactions under $100, just wave your Visa payWave-enabled card in front of a Visa payWave reader and go - there's no need for a PIN. If you would like to know more about Visa payWave click here.

MasterCard PayPass is the fast, convenient and secure way to pay when you're on the go. To make sure PayPass transactions are as simple and convenient as cash, a PIN is not needed for transactions below $100. For purchases of more than $100, you'll be asked to enter your PIN just as you would for any other MasterCard transaction. If you would like to know more about MasterCard PayPass click here.

Visa Checkout is a digital payment service designed to simplify your entire payment process when shopping online. You only need to register your Citi Visa Debit or Credit Card once and then enjoy hassle free online shopping without having to re-enter your card or shipping details where Visa Checkout is accepted. If you would like to know more about Visa Checkout, click here.

Managing Your Account

Your Citi Credit Card is easy to manage with our simple service options. Here's some useful information that you may need.

Make sure you're getting the best out of your Credit Card features and benefits.

  • For Prestige cardholders, you can view your features and benefits here.
  • For all other cards, view your features and benefits here.

You can manage your account with two easy options - available at anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Citibank Online

Access and manage your accounts at any time that suits you with Citibank Online. Learn more about Citibank Online here.

CitiPhone Telephone Banking

You can also manage your accounts using CitiPhone Telephone Banking, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about CitiPhone services here.

Learn more about your statement and how to read it, as well as the benefits of eStatements and how to register for them here.

Making payments

Funds Transfer

You can make a funds transfer from a linked Citi account (not Credit Card or other Ready Credit) through Citibank Online or CitiPhone Self Service Banking. To transfer funds from an existing Citi account, sign on to Citibank Online or Call CitiPhone on 13 CITI (13 24 84) to use self service telephone banking. Ensure you have your Telephone PIN (TPIN) handy.

By Mail using a Cheque

You can post us your payment by enclosing your completed Remittance Advice provided with your monthly statement (for credit products only) or deposit slip (see below for more information on deposit books) and mail with your cheque (no notes or coins accepted) to the following address for each of the following products:

Citibank Payments
GPO BOX 5427
Sydney NSW 2001

Please make your cheque payable to your Citi account number and specify your account type e.g. Citi Gold Credit Card account number. It would also assist us in processing your payment if you write the actual account number on the back of your cheque.

Cheques payable to the accountholder may also be accepted (e.g. dividend cheque, Medicare refund, etc) but cheques payable to a third party will not be accepted.

For more information on cheque clearance times, visit our Cheque Clearance page.

Australia Post

You can make payments at any Australia Post office displaying the Bank@Post™ symbol using cash or EFTPOS and these payments will be processed immediately. Remember to take your Remittance Advice and your Credit Card with you for a faster transaction.

For payments made at any other Australia Post office using cash or EFTPOS, please allow 48 hours for the payment to reach your account. When paying by cheque at any Australia Post office, please allow seven business days for the cheque to clear. However, funds will be considered received the day the cheque is deposited.


If you are registered for internet and/or phone banking with the financial institution that holds the account you want to pay from, you can use Bpay® to make repayments. Just follow the simple prompts and enter Biller Code 49502 followed by your 16-digit Citi Credit Card number as your Customer Reference Number.

How are payments allocated to the additional cardholder?

When you make a payment to your account through direct debit, Bank@Post, cheque or BPAY using the Reference Number shown on your statement (which is also your Account number), the available limit is updated for you as the primary cardholder as soon as the payment is processed. For purchases made by additional cardholders, their available limit will be updated when your next statement is issued. If you need to make credit available to them earlier, you can make a payment to your account via BPAY using the additional cardholder's card number as the Reference Number.


Download Credit Card Easi-Pay application form (Adobe PDF, 216 KB)

If you have chosen to make your repayments using our direct debit service Easi-Pay, your repayments will automatically be made on time from your nominated bank account. Using Easi-pay avoids the hassle of remembering to make repayments each month, and helps prevent incurring unwanted late fees. Please ensure there are sufficient funds in the account on the monthly due date.

Important - it can take up to 3 business days for your Easi-Pay payment to be cleared from the bank account you have nominated to be debited. Until the payment is cleared, these funds will not be available for use.

Minimum Payments

How is my minimum payment calculated?

Your minimum monthly repayment is (rounded up to the nearest dollar): the greater of $30 and 2.00% of Card Balance; or where a Late Payment Fee is charged, the greater of $30, and the sum of 1% of the Card Balance, Late Payment Fee and interest charged for that month; or the Card Balance if it is less than $30, plus any Monthly Instalment for that month. Card Balance - the Closing Balance less any Instalment Loan balance and Monthly Instalment for that month. Payment is due on the date specified on your Credit Card statement.

What happens if I miss a repayment?

Citi will charge you a late fee. Click here for details of the Fees and Charges. This fee can easily be avoided by ensuring that you pay your Citi Credit Card minimum due on or before the due date. This information can be found on your monthly statement.

For Citi Credit Cards with Interest Free Days, if you do not pay the full closing balance of your statement on or before the due date, then you will lose your interest free days and interest will be charged on each purchase from the date it was made.

To assist you with timely payments, Citi has a facility called Easi-Pay that will automatically pay your monthly Credit Card bill from your nominated bank account. Download Credit Card Easi-Pay application form (Adobe PDF, 507 KB).

For more information and to apply for Easi-Pay, please call us on 13 24 84 or sign on to your online banking account.

You can make cash withdrawals from your Citi Credit Card account via:

1. ATM

Accessing your accounts is easy with a Citi Credit Card and your ATM PIN. With over 20,000 ATMs around Australia and more than 820,000 worldwide, you can do your banking anytime, anywhere.

You can withdraw cash up to $1,000 per day at any ATM that displays the VISA or MASTERCARD symbol. When overseas, you can also access cash from any ATM that displays the Plus, Star or NYCE symbols.

Use of your Citi Credit Card to withdraw Cash from an ATM will attract a Cash Advance Fee. If the ATM is located overseas additional Foreign Currency Exchange Fees will also apply. Citi has developed fee guides to help you understand when a fee is charged on your Citi account and tips on how to avoid them. You can visit our Fees and Charges page to view and download a copy of these guides.

Find out more about ATM direct charging.

To find your nearest direct charge free ATM, visit ATM Locations.

You can also use Findmyciti.com to search for a Citibank ATM, branch or Citigold Centre anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region.

^Excludes St.George-branded ATMs at BP station outlets throughout Australia.

2. Over the counter

You can make withdrawals at any bank in the world that displays the VISA or MasterCard logo (photo identification required). Your Citi Credit Card and ATM PIN will be required. Fees and charges may apply.

Your Citibank ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number) can be used to:

1. Make a Cash Withdrawal

Cash Withdrawals of up to $1000 per day can be made at over 20,000 ATMs around Australia and more than 820,000 worldwide, at any bank in the world that displays the VISA or MasterCard logo (note photo identification is also required).

2. Make a Transaction at an EFTPOS Terminal

All Citi Credit Cards are issued with an embedded micro chip , which is used to securely store your card's data. The chip is far more secure than a magnetic strip, making it much harder to fraudulently copy the details of your card. This chip also gives you the option to either sign the receipt or enter your PIN for verification when making purchases at an EFTPOS terminal.

Many countries, such as New Zealand, China and Europe, including the UK, Ireland, France and others, have recently introduced a chip and pin payment system. In some of these countries transactions performed with a chip Credit Card can only be completed with a PIN and not a signature. For this reason we strongly recommended that if you do not know your ATM PIN, you request one prior to traveling overseas.

How to set up or change your ATM PIN?

If you wish to create or change your existing ATM PIN, you can do this via Online Banking.

  • Log onto Online Banking
  • Select My Profile under Services (on the mega navigation bar)
  • Select Change ATM PIN and follow the prompts

BPAY lets you pay your bills at your convenience. Learn how to set-up a bill payee and pay your bills quickly and easily with the BPAY interactive tutorial under the "Signup & activate a payee" and "Transfer funds or Pay bills tab."

A balance transfer involves transferring the existing balance(s) on your current credit(s) to a new Citi Credit Card. It can mean big savings by reducing the interest charges on your existing card balance - along with streamlined card management. Learn more about balance transfers here.

You should check your statement against your personal records, as soon as possible to ensure that you recognise all transactions. If you don't recognise a transaction, call CitiPhone on 13 CITI (13 24 84) straight away. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the merchant directly and to try and resolved the dispute yourself. View further information on disputing a transaction.

Please also be aware, if you have a recurring bill payment being debited from your account that you wish to cancel, we also suggest that you contact the biller or merchant responsible for debiting the amount in order to cancel the request.

You are able to make changes to your account, such as applying for additional accounts, upgrading your existing Credit Card or updating your contact details and preferences. Sign on to Citibank Online to make changes to your account here.

Convenience for your family - More reward points for you

Your Citi Credit Card provides the option of having up to 4 Additional Cardholders linked to your account. It's a convenient way of ensuring family members have access to finance when they need it.

Additional Cardholders will be issued with their own Citi Credit Card, and any transactions made using these cards will be separately itemised on your card Statement, making it easy to manage your finances. Your Additional Cardholder will also be able to benefit from all the same benefits and privileges as your own Citi Credit Card. If you need a reminder of what these benefits are visit the About My Card Page.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of giving family members a Citi Credit Card is the ability to top up your reward points more quickly. Because every time a family member uses their card on a retail purchase, they'll earn Citi reward points, which contribute to your account.

A win win for everyone! - It's hard to think of a better way to provide your family with a great Credit Card and at the same time multiply your reward points.

Who can be an Additional Cardholder?

You can nominate anyone to be an Additional cardholder however they must be over the age of 16.

If there is an annual fee attached to any of my additional cards, when will it be billed to me?

The Additional Cardholder's annual fee is charged when the Additional Card is issued and on the account's Anniversary date, along with the Primary Cardholder's annual fee. For details of the Additional Cardholder Annual Fee applicable to your Citi Credit Card please visit the Fees and Charges Page.

What will the Additional cardholder be able to do?

Your Additional Cardholder will be issued with their own Citi Credit Card. This card will have a different number than yours, allowing you to track their expenditure separately on your statement. You as the Primary Cardholder however remain liable for all transactions incurred on the account

Under the Privacy Act, and in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, we are limited as to the information we can give Additional Cardholders.

Only you the Primary Cardholder can do the following :

  • Accept or Request Credit limit increases or Upgrades
  • Close the account
  • Conduct online Rewards Redemptions (Note: they can redeem reward points via our Rewards Call Centre)
  • Update account information
  • Setup/amend/cancel Easi-pay.

Applying for an Additional Card is easy. Simply choose one of the following options.

Online : Sign on to Internet Banking, go to Account Services, Credit Cards and choose the 'Additional Card' option.

Over the phone : Call CitiPhone on 13 CITI (13 24 84). For faster service please ensure you have your Telephone PIN (TPIN) handy.


Complete and mail/fax back the Additional Card Application Form: (applicable for any type of Citi Credit Card).

Once I have requested an Additional Card/s where does the Additional Card/s get sent?

The cards will be sent to your address (as the Primary Cardholder) but to the attention of your nominated Additional Cardholder.

How long will it take to get the Additional Card/s sent to me?

Your Additional Card/s will be sent to you within 7 to 14 days after your request is received. You or the nominated Additional Cardholder can call up to activate the card.

How to Apply:

Call us on 1800 801 732 and select Option 2.

All upgrades are subject to Citi's credit criteria. Please allow 5-10 working days for us to assess your application.

How long will it take to get my new Citi Credit Card?

Your new Citi Credit Card will be sent to you 7 to 14 days after we receive your request.

Can I continue to use my Existing Citi Credit Card?

While your credit card is being upgraded/switched , a grace period exists where transactions on the existing credit card will be debited to the new credit card. During this grace period only retail and telephone purchases can be made. BPAY, Citibank Online, Cash Advances and ATM transactions will not work.

How will this affect my Annual Fee?

As your New Citi Credit Card may have a different Annual Fee than your existing Citi Credit Card a prorata charge will be made.

I have an Additional Cardholder will this Card be automatically Upgraded or Switched?

Yes - any Additional Cardholders will be automatically issued with a new Citi Credit Card.

Will my existing reward points be transferred?

Yes. They are automatically switched over when your new Citi Credit Card is opened, as long as the new Citi Credit Card is eligible for Citi Rewards. If you have decided to switch to a Citi Credit Card that does not have Citi Rewards as a feature then your Rewards Points will be forfeited. Note that if the card offers a different rewards program (e.g. Citi Emirates Rewards) we will be unable to transfer your points across.

What will happen to my direct debits?

If you have authorised a company to automatically charge your Credit Card each month (e.g. electricity, telecommunications) you will need to advise them of your new card number. If you have authorised Citi to direct debit your savings/cheque account to pay your existing Citi Credit Card (known as Easi-Pay), this authorisation will automatically transfer to your new Citi Credit Card.

What should I do with my existing Citi Credit Card?

Once you have received and activated your new Citi Credit Card simply cut up your existing one and start using your new Card straight away.

I have CardProtect on my existing Citi Credit Card will this apply to my new Citi Card?

CardProtect will automatically transfer to the new account (plus premiums where payable will automatically transfer to the new account).

Find out how to manage your credit limit here

*Please note - the credit limit cannot be any lower than the product minimum.

Rates & Fees

Citi will charge your annual primary cardholder fee to your account on first use of your account, including when you activate your card, and then on each anniversary of the date Citi approved your account.

If you have additional cardholders on your account, your annual additional cardholder fee will be charged to your account when the additional card is issued, pro rata up to the next anniversary of the date on which your account was approved and then payable with the annual fee.

Enjoy the interest-free period for your card for Retail Purchases together with any related fees and charges, and any interest or fees that are not related to a specific balance type. For example, this interest free period does not apply to Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, and any interest or fees related to these balance types. Whilst you have a Balance Transfer, you will also not be eligible for any interest free days for Retail Purchases, interest, fees or charges.

Your Rewards

Below are a range of frequently asked questions which we hope will provide you with the information, you seek around our complimentary Rewards Program. If you require more information please contact us via email or call CitiPhone on 13 CITI (13 24 84). For faster service please ensure you have your Telephone PIN (TPIN) handy.

Rewards Membership

Yes, if you upgrade from a Citi Rewards Credit Card - Classic to a Citi Rewards or Citi Premier Card, your points will be automatically transferred to your new card. Your points will show on your next Credit Card statement.

Redeem Rewards

Citi Qantas Rewards

If you're a Citi Premier Card or Citi Prestige cardholder you can enrol in the Citi Qantas Rewards program by calling CitiPhone on the numbers below:

Citi Premier 1800 818 008
Citi Prestige 1800 782 948

You need to be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program and have advised us of your Qantas Frequent Flyer Program membership number before you can participate in Citi Qantas Rewards. It is also important that your name on your card must match the name on your membership account. Your rewards balance will be automatically redeemed for Qantas Frequent Flyer Points at the end of each Statement Period. It may take up to 28 business days for the points to appear in your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership account.

Your points can only be credited to the Qantas Frequent Flyer's membership account in the account holder's name.

No. Once enrolled in the Citi Qantas Reward program, your reward points will automatically transfer to Qantas Frequent Flyer points each month, at the end of your statement period.

My Offers

My Offers

MY OFFERS is a feature available to Citi customers who have registered for online access through our secured website. It lets you take advantage of exclusive offers you may be eligible for including balance transfers and a variety of insurance products. To register for online access visit www.citibank.com.au.

Simply sign on to Citibank Online and click on MY OFFERS to discover the best Credit Card, Mortgage and Deposit options available for you. Alternatively, you can follow the link for 'More Credit Card Offers' to learn more about the Citi Credit Card offers available to you.

MY OFFERS is easy to use. Simply click on any offer that interests you to find out more. If you would like to accept an offer, click on 'Continue' and follow the prompts all the way through to 'Confirmation'.

Yes, you can accept more than one offer at a time. You may accept any number of offers listed on the MY OFFERS page of your online account or any offer discussed with our Customer Service Officers.

Protect Your Card
  • The simplest way to make a claim is online:

- To make a new claim, please click here.

- To retrieve an existing claim, please click here.

  • Or phone MetLife: 1800 221 599

Please be aware that waiting periods may be applicable to the benefit that you are claiming. Please check your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or call MetLife on 1800 221 599 for more claims information.

  • When will I find out if my claim is accepted or not?
- You will receive notification of the status of your claim from MetLife within 10 working days.

  • Streamline your online shopping with Visa Checkout.
  • Cash from your credit card. For less.


  1. For any claims lodged on or after 1st May 2016, Complimentary Insurance is issued and managed by AGA Assistance Australia Pty Limited (trading as Allianz Global Assistance) (AFSL No. 245631 ABN 52 097 227 177), 74 High Street, Toowong QLD 4066 on behalf of the insurer Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (AFSL No. 234708 ABN 15 000 122 850), 2 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000, and is subject to Terms, Conditions, and exclusions, some limits and excess may apply. The Terms and Conditions are available at www.citibank.com.au/complimentaryinsurance.
    For any claims lodged prior to 1st May 2016, Complimentary Insurance is provided automatically to cardholders under a master agreement between Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL No. 232507 and Citigroup Pty Limited, and is subject to Terms, Conditions and exclusions, some limits and excess may apply. The Terms and Conditions are available at www.citibank.com.au/complimentaryinsurance.
  2. Citigroup Pty Limited ABN 88 004 325 080, AFSL No. 238098, Australian credit licence 238098 (Citibank) is the distributor of CardAssure insurance and provides administration services in relation to the insurance under an arrangement with the issuer, MetLife Insurance Limited (MetLife) ABN 75 004 274 882, AFSL 238096.
    This website contains general information only and does not take in to account your individual financial objectives, situation or needs. Before acting on this information you should assess, with or without the assistance of a financial advisor, whether this product is right for you. Terms and conditions apply. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision about the product. View the Insurance Financial Services Guide.