Getting started.

Getting started.

Your Citibank Online Saver can be linked to one other bank account, which you specified at the time of application. This is called your Nominated Linked Account, and once it is activated, you can transfer money from your Citibank Online Saver to this account as you please.

Do I need to activate my account?

  • Your linked account is another Citibank account: No need to activate, you can begin making withdrawals as you please.
  • Your linked account is held with another bank: For your security, you'll need to activate this account before you can withdraw funds from your Citibank Online Saver. Here's how:

Step 1: Log on to your bank's internet banking service

Step 2: Make an online money transfer from the nominated linked account to your Citibank Online Saver

Step 3: After five working days, you can make withdrawals from your Citibank Online Saver to your Nominated Linked Account.