Citibank Business Lending Account Application.

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Citibank Business Lending Account Application

Minimum Approval Criteria

Minimum Approval Criteria

*Before you complete this application, please be sure you can say 'yes' to the following approval criteria:

I am 18 years or older

I earn at least $35,000 per annum

I am a permanent Australian resident

I have a good credit rating

I have been in the industry for 2 or more years

Please select your type of business

Sole Traders

Partnerships of not more than 2 persons

Shareholders who hold 50% or more shares of a private company

Please note: This product is not marketed to, or intended for, residents of the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, Guernsey or Jersey. This is not, and should not be construed as, a solicitation to apply for this product. If you leave Australia, or are a non-resident of Australia for taxation purposes, Citibank may be restricted in the way that it is able to provide financial services, including, but not limited to, financial product advice and the sending of promotional materials to you, when you are residing offshore or are not physically in Australia.

Applicant's Details

Applicants Details


*First Name

Middle Name


*Date of Birth

Driver Licence

*Mother's Maiden Name


*Marital Status

*Number of Dependents (including yourself)

*Are you already a Citibank customer?


My account number is

Address and contact details

Address and contact details

A. Your home address (PO Box not acceptable)


*Street No

*Street Name

*Street Type




*Time at this address

*Time at previous address

*Residential status:

Own home



Boarding/Living with Parents

B. Your contact details

Citibank may use your mobile to send administrative communications by SMS.

*Mobile Number

*Home Number

*Best time to call (regarding your application)

Email Address

By providing my email I consent to receive statements, notices and disclosure documents electronically for all of my Citibank accounts. I have read and agree with the Electronic Communication Consent.

Your business details (mandatory)

Your business details (mandatory)

*Full legal Registered Business Name


*Nature of business/principal activity

Registered/Trading business address


*Street No

*Street Name

*Street Type




*Time at current business

*Time at previous business

Your accountant details

I authorise my accountant to verify my details to Citibank.

Name of accountant

Accountant's trading name

Accountant's Phone Number

Please advise your accountant that we will contact them to obtain information to assess your application.

Employer details (if you have other PAYG job)

Employer details (if you have other PAYG job)

Current employer

Employment status (pick one):






Street No

Street Name

Street Type




Job title


Work Phone Number

Time at current employer

Time at previous employer

We will need to contact your employer to confirm the employment details you have provided. You can fast track your application by notifying your employer in advance that they will be contacted and give them permission to provide the information we need. Please also provide contact details for your payroll department.

Payroll contact name

Payroll Phone Number

Your Financial Position

Your Financial Position

This information will be used to determine your ability to make repayments on the credit facility.

Your Personal Monthly Income

*Total monthly gross salary (before tax)

*Total other monthly gross income before tax (e.g. rent, investments)

Please provide the breakdown of total other monthly gross income in the table below:

Other income type

Gross monthly income

Rent income

Dividend income

Other investments

Commission income

Trust income

Non-taxable income (e.g. super for self-funded retirees)

Your business annual income (do not include personal income)

*Business profit after distribution

*% share in the business

Your monthly expenses and liabilities

*Your share of general monthly living expenses and recurring expenses (e.g. groceries, bills, rent, medical, school fees etc)

Your share of monthly repayments of any loans. Please provide breakdown below. (e.g. home loan, personal loan, card loan, credit, charge and store cards, etc)



Outstanding balance

Your share of monthly repayments

Maximum Credit Limit

Maximum Credit Limit

Do you wish to specify a maximum credit limit? Product minimum is $5,000

Otherwise we will assign the maximum limit that is available to you according to our assessment (up to a maximum of $75,000).