Citibank Business Lending Account Application.

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By providing your email address with this application you consent to receive statements, notices and disclosure documents that we are required to give you in relation to any facilities you hold with us, by electronic communication. You should note that paper documents may no longer be given and that electronic communications must be regularly checked. Notwithstanding this consent, we may still decide to send you paper copies in certain circumstances including where electronic delivery is unavailable or we reasonably believe your email address is not receiving the emails we send. You may withdraw this consent at any time and change to receiving paper statements, notices and documents to your nominated mail address, by notifying us through Citibank online or by phone on 13 24 84. Note: Citibank offers some of its products with electronic communication only, and if you do not provide this consent or if you withdraw it, Citibank may choose to refuse to open your account or to discontinue it.