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Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

  1. If at the end of the Balance Transfer ("BT") period any portion of the BT amount is still owing, the amount will attract interest at the prevailing standard Annual Percentage Rate.
  2. Payments are applied to BT amounts before cash advances and retail purchases, and if your account has more than one BT, the BT at the lowest interest rate will be repaid first.
  3. We may refuse to accept and process a BT request where it is less than $500, where it is to another Citigroup-issued account, where it is to a foreign currency account, where it is to an offshore account or where it is to an account that is not in the name of the Primary Account holder.
  4. We will process the BTs specified by you, in the order you have nominated, in full or part, as determined by us and your available Credit Limit. We may limit BTs to a percentage of your Credit Limit. Once your Account is activated, BT requests can take up to 10 business days to be received at the other financial institution. We are not responsible for any delays whether by us or any other institution. You should continue to make payments to your nominated accounts as any remaining balances will be your responsibility.