Recharge your finances.

Rethink banking. Powered by Citi.

Recharge your finances . Rethink banking. Powered by Citi.

A great way to pay off your debts faster

Get your finances back on track with Citibank Ready Credit. Take advantage of a limited 5.9% p.a. for 2 years1 and with a line of credit of up to $60,0003 pay off your debts from other credit cards or loans and recharge your spending power.

For everyday expenses or those bigger things in life, simply request a cheque

If you don't have a balance to transfer but you would still like to take advantage of our low interest offer of 5.9% p.a. for 2 years1 for an exotic overseas adventure, new appliances and technology or anything else you want, simply request a cheque to be sent to you once your account is approved.

With no fixed term4, you repay at your own pace and there are no annual, cash advance5 or account-keeping fees.

Ready Credit gives you access to an ongoing line of credit so that you can redraw as your life needs change without having to re-apply.

You also have the choice of accessing your account with a Visa Debit Card for purchases and ATM cash withdrawals, plus a personal chequebook for even greater spending flexibility.


Ready Credit - your universal finance facility

  • An introductory rate of 5.9% p.a. for 2 years1
  • A standard variable ongoing rate of 19.49% p.a.
  • Up to $60,0003 credit limit for any purpose
  • No account-keeping or annual fees
  • No fixed term4. Repay at your own pace
  • A flexible redraw facility allows you to withdraw again and again without re-applying
  • Visa Debit Card for ATM cash withdrawals with no cash advance fees5 or for convenient in-store or online purchases
  • Optional personal chequebook

The wine is on us

Enjoy a free bottle of wine winning every time you dine and pay using your Citibank card at hundreds of partner restaurants across Australia6.

More benefits to suit your lifestyle

Ready Credit gives you complimentary access to a range of discounts and offers through:

  • World Privileges7 - worldwide discounts on shopping, travel and entertainment.
  • Citibank Travel Program8 - giving you access to exclusive holiday packages.
  • Visa Entertainment offers9 - exclusive offers on shows, movies and other events.

Shop with confidence and security10

  • Purchase Cover Insurance - protection against loss, theft, or accidental damage over a wide range of new personal goods purchased anywhere in the world with your Visa Debit Card.
  • Extended Warranty Insurance - extends the warranty on personal goods, when purchased with your Visa Debit Card.
  • Guaranteed Pricing Scheme - if an item you purchase with your Visa Debit Card later goes on sale elsewhere, you may be eligible for a refund of the price difference. Conditions apply.

Ready Credit puts the purchasing power in your hands.

Ready Credit frees you to enhance your lifestyle whenever you want with a line of credit that you can use again and again.

Use Ready Credit for any purpose including consolidating other debts, home improvements, furniture, appliances, weddings or other special occasions or even a holiday getaway.

You can even use the handy Visa Debit Card access to make cash withdrawals whenever you need some cash in hand when travelling, shopping or any other situation in your busy lifestyle.


Product Flexibility

Balance Transfer Rate 5.9% p.a. for 2 years1. Standard Interest Rate after 2 years.
Standard Interest Rate 19.49% p.a.
Cash Advance Rate 19.49% p.a.
Interest calculated Daily
Loan amounts $5,000 - $60,0003
Loan term Revolving
Security Unsecured
Insurance Card Protect


Minimum income $35,000
Minimum Age 18
Additional Cardholders Up to 1
Additional Cardholder Minimum Age 16

Manage your Account

Repayment frequency Monthly
Ability to make additional repayments Yes, at no charge
Minimum repayments balances The greater of $30; or the sum of the interest charges for the Statement Period, plus 1% of your Closing Balance, plus any billed late payment fees as at the end of the Statement Period.
Repayment methods
  • Direct Debit (Citibank Easi-Pay)
  • BPAY®
  • Mail
  • Australia Post
Lump sum repayments Yes
Increase regular repayments Yes
Access funds
  • Cheque book
  • Visa Debit
  • Worldwide accepted

Fees and Charges

Annual fee $0
Establishment fee $692 ($99 from 1 August)
Monthly Fee $0
Late Payment Fee $10 every 7 days until the Payment Due is made
Early termination fee $0
Redraw fee $0
How to Apply

You can apply for a Ready Credit if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have a good credit rating

    Lenders look at a range of factors when they consider your credit application. These may include:

    • Your employment history
    • Your monthly income
    • Your current expenses (including existing debt repayments such as home loan, personal loans etc)
    • Home ownership
    • Whether or not you have applied for - or been refused credit, with other lenders.

    The following steps can help to keep your credit bureau file healthy:

    • Fill in credit application forms consistently. For example, always entering your name the same way will help to reduce errors in your file.
    • Keep credit applications to a minimum. Applying to a large number of lenders - especially if your applications are rejected may imply to potential credit providers that you have credit issues.
    • If your file shows any outstanding credit defaults, repay them if you can, and ask that your file be amended. The default will still be listed, but will no longer appear as unpaid.
    • Always inform credit providers when you move. This way, bills will arrive on time - letting you pay on time and maintain your good credit bureau file.
    • Pay all your bills on time, unpaid utility and phone bills can affect your credit rating.
    • Even if your credit bureau file is imperfect now, it is important to manage credit wisely in the future. Your credit bureau file can improve over time.
    • For more tips on credit or managing money, please visit
  • Earn taxable income of $35,000 per year or more
  • Are a permanent Australian resident
  • Are at least 18 years of age.

You will need the following information to apply online:

Your personal details

  • Your contact details
  • Driver licence number (if you have one)
  • Current residential status (and previous residential details if you have been at your current address for less than three years)
  • If renting or boarding, your landlord or real estate agent's details
  • Contact details of a relative or friend not living with you.

Your financial position

This information allows us to understand what you can afford to repay. To apply, you'll need to provide information about your current financial position, including your gross annual income, your total monthly income and expenses.

If you're self-employed, we'll need to know where you work, how much you earn, as well as your accountant's details.

  • Your employer's address and switch telephone number (as listed in the White Pages)
  • Annual and monthly income (before and after tax)
  • Contact details for your accountant if self-employed
  • The value of your home and car, if applicable, and any other assets
  • Types and amounts of other income (e.g. rental income)
  • Details of your main expenses, including the current balances owing on your Credit Cards, loans and investment mortgages.

One or more complimentary insurance* products may be linked to your eligible account. The table below is an overview of the complimentary insurance products linked to credit accounts:

Guaranteed Pricing Scheme Purchase Cover Insurance Extended Warranty
Citibank Ready Credit
Citibank Personal Credit
Citibank Ready Credit - Fixed Payment Option

Guaranteed Pricing Scheme enables you to receive a refund of the price difference when you purchase in-store, using your eligible credit account, an eligible item which later goes on sale. Conditions apply.

Purchase Cover Insurance provides 3 months of free insurance against loss, theft or accidental damage over a wide range of new personal goods purchased anywhere in the world, where the purchase is charged to the cardholder's eligible credit account.

Extended Warranty Insurance extends the manufacturer's expressed Australian warranty on personal goods purchased, provided the purchase is charged to the cardholder's eligible credit account.

Real help when you need it most

CardProtect provides easy, low cost insurance cover to assist you in meeting your regular monthly repayments on your credit account in the event of:

  • Your total and temporary disablement;
  • Your redundancy/resignation; or
  • A listed life event.

CardProtect also pays the outstanding balance on your credit account up to a maximum of $50,000 in the event of your death, or up to $100,000 if death is as a result of an accident.

Face life's challenges with confidence

There's nothing holding you back when you know you have a plan in place to help protect your financial security from the all too common occurrences of serious illness, accidental injury or the loss of your job. With CardProtect looking after your credit account repayments, you can rest assured that your lifestyle is protected and your family is looked after, even in the tragic event of your death.

CardProtect costs a low $0.59 per month per $100 of your credit account's closing balance. You can relax knowing your premiums are automatically charged to your credit account each month.

How to purchase CardProtect


You may be eligible for cover if you:

  • Have a valid Citibank credit account or revolving credit account
  • Are aged 18 years or older and less than 64 years of age; and
  • Are an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.
  • Personal Finance. From 8.99% p.a.over 4 years with fixed repayments


Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request. Fees and charges apply. Credit criteria apply.

Applications may not be accepted if you have been approved for another Citibank offer in the last nine months.

Allow up to 10 working days to process your application. To process your application, Citibank will need to verify your identity and income. To verify your identity we will ask you to confirm details provided on your application. Please provide a contact telephone number that will be easy for us to contact you. Please notify your payroll department or accountant (if Self-employed) to ensure that they are willing to confirm your income details.

  1. A Cheque to Self will be treated as balance transfer (BT) on your account. Your total balance transfers with this offer may not exceed 80% of your credit limit. The 5.9% p.a. interest rate applies to balances transferred with this offer at point of application and Cheques to Self made with this offer within 90 days of account opening for a period of 2 years. Payments are applied to BT amounts before cash advances and retail purchases, and if your account has more than one BT, the BT at the lowest interest rate will be repaid first. At the end of the balance transfer period, the interest rate on any outstanding transferred balance will revert to the Citibank Ready Credit standard Annual Percentage Rate, currently 19.49% p.a. Interest rates are variable and subject to change. This information is current as at 1 June 2014. This offer ends 30 September 2014. Offer may be extended. Existing Ready Credit and Personal Credit customers are not eligible to apply for this introductory offer.
  2. $69 ($99 from 1 August) establishment fee will be debited to your Account on the first use of your Account (including Card activation). This fee will appear on your first statement of Account.
  3. A credit line of between $5,000 and $60,000 will be assigned based on our credit criteria, your credit rating, and subject to confirmation that you earn a minimum of $35,000 per year.
  4. Minimum repayments apply.
  5. Currency conversion fee applies to transactions made in a foreign currency. Other service fees and charges including late payment fee and dishonour fee may apply.
  6. Citibank's Dining Program is operated by Pinpoint Pty Ltd ABN 49 002 693 656 and Zenith Wine Agencies Pty Ltd ABN 66 128 399717. Please visit for important information about how to use this program to receive a free bottle of wine.
  7. World privilege payment must be made using a Citibank Credit or Visa Debit Card. Refer to for up-to-date offer details.
  8. Citibank Travel Program is operated by Pinpoint Travel Group Pty Ltd. Licence No. 2TA002974. Visit for details.
  9. Visa Entertainment Offers supplied by Visa. Visit for details.
  10. Extended Warranty Insurance, Purchase Cover Insurance and Guaranteed Pricing Scheme are provided automatically to cardholders under a master agreement between Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN 13 000 296 640, AFSL No. 232507 and Citigroup Pty Limited, and are subject to Terms and Conditions and exclusions available at An excess applies to Purchase Cover Insurance.

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